College Student’s Guide to Buying a Laptop

college laptop
Due to the rapid advancement in technology, having a laptop or a computer has become the basic necessity in today’s world. May it be for shopping, for a home, a college or an office or any other commercial unit, it is of absolute importance in your everyday life.

Going to a college with a decent laptop nowadays is of much importance. It determines how much a student can learn or how far he or she can go and acquire many of the lifelong abilities. Knowledge in this world is infinite you can never reach the limit of learning and knowing things even if you dedicate your whole life to it.

Importance of a laptop in student’s life

  • A laptop help student format their assignments with the help of internet libraries and other related website tools.
  • Laptop help students take notes in class and assignments and share with friends and work in groups on project.
  • Without huge phone bills, laptop help you to speak or communicate with your families through internet.
  • Students use laptop for creating or designing software and other writing works such as articles, etc. to earn their pocket money.
  • To download books online for learning attending online tutorials which can save your budget and gain more knowledge?

It is sometimes very difficult to choose from so many laptops and buy one, but you should keep in mind and consider some basic and important things about the laptop specifications, such as the CPU or processor, GPU or graphics card, laptop size and many more, according to your needs before buying one.

Here are some tips for buying the best and right laptop for you

Portable size

Choose the one which size is quite comfortable for you. A laptop having size of about 11 to 14 inches is best for students. Screen visibility and typing space can be a concerned in an 11 size laptop. If you want to buy, small one to increase your portability or to save money, consider a Chromebook or 2-in-1 hybrid.


If you have enough budgets, consider buying a laptop made of metal over a plastic one. Not all plastics are the same; shove it with your fingers, the more it flexes, the more you should avoid.


A faster CPU or processor not only improves the speed of the process but it is also better for multitasking purpose. You should look into Core i3, i5 or i7 processors since they will offer you the most of money you had spent. Check out the RAM storage and the hard drive storage, the more internal storage and the external storage, the better. Must also see if dual band Wi-Fi card is available, should at least have two USB ports. Also consider the screen size according to your comfort.

OS options

There may be some programs or software that is supported in one OS but not to the others. You should select your right OS according to your need.

Battery life

Opt for a better battery that will be able to go on for many hours without charging. See the reviews given by the respective laptop costumers.

Touchpad and keyboard

Test drive the laptop touchpad and keyboard of the respective laptop you will be buying and examine their performance.

Consider all the above given tips and see to it that you bought the best laptop of your choice and your necessity.

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